Darkest Dungeon, Banner Saga, XCOM Game Flow Analysis

I have this horrible habit of doing research or making pitch/design docs and then just… never putting them in a place for people to see.  So I am going to go through my hard drive for the next couple weeks and start posting some of the gems from the past couple years.

Today I have a flow chart between three games, Darkest Dungeon, The Banner Saga, and XCOM – Enemy Unknown.  I originally put the document together during preproduction on Tale of Ronin, a beautiful game about disgraced samurai warriors and how they continue to live without a master by Dead Mage Studios.  The game play was very much inspired by the above titles and therefor I thought it best to analyse their game flows to root out what made them successful as well as assist in searching for what will make Tale of Ronin unique.

My main goal was to see a broad overview of their game loop.  I was less interested in the moment to moment loop and more keen on seeing an entire play session loop. Essentially what the player would be doing from the moment they started playing till when they felt it was an appropriate time to exit out of the game.  A beginning, middle and end!  All the below data was recorded from similar length play sessions towards the middle of each respective game.



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