Mage Wars Design Pitch – Phantom Dust Inspired

Originally released in 2004 on the Original Xbox in Japan, Phantom Dust was geared towards winning over the eastern market, but gained enough demand to warrant a release in the west in 2005. Now in May of 2017, a slightly updated version has been released for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game itself is a unique mix of arena fighter/shooter and deck building. An Action Collectible Card Game if you may. Something definitely ahead of its time with the amount of depth in the battle system, gorgeous visuals, destructible environments, and online features.


I sadly missed the boat on this one when it first launched on the original Xbox. Even with the servers shut down, I still picked up a copy a couple years ago, neck deep in design school, to check out the mechanics. I instantly fell in love with the concept and started imagining what a modern release would be like. I just couldn’t shut out the possibilities for online play and companion apps. Imagine customizing your abilities on the bus and trading them with friends on your phone?!?

While in school, we were having to pitch original game ideas on a weekly basis. One of my favorite’s was Mage Wars, a cover-based magical shooter that introduced crystals that could be collected to beef up a player’s arsenal. I drew inspiration from games such as Gears of War and Infamous, but Phantom Dust was at the forefront.

With the re-release of Phantom Dust on current platforms, I thought it a great time to put up the original design document I put together years ago.  Super pumped to enjoy this game in all its multiplayer glory and I am pulling it gets enough attention to make the reboot a viable option. If you need a producer Microsoft, feel free to reach out. 😉

PDF of Mage Wars Design Pitch

Disclaimer: The design document on this page, as well as myself, are in no way associated with Microsoft or Phantom Dust.  This was purely an educational project.

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