Professional Projects

Children of Morta – Production Consultant

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Publisher – 11 Bit Studios
Official Website –
Release Date – Q4 2018
Platforms – PC, Xbox One, PS4

  • Lead writer of original IP, managing a small, remote, international team of narrative designers.
  • Identified need for a streamlined text implementation pipeline – Oversaw development of improved pipeline resulting in; reduced implementation/iteration time (hours to seconds), reduced likeliness of human error, and removal of superfluous friction between studio and external translation teams.
  • Represented game, studio, and publisher at E3, PAX(s), ID@Xbox, and various community/industry events nationwide; organizing and delivering interviews with press and establishing partner relationships resulting in additional release platform support.
  • Organized design and pitch documentation used in search of publisher, resulting in the acquisition of publisher 11 Bit Studios.
  • Reviewed and analyzed narrative feedback from publisher playtesting sessions, creating list of actionable items to address and remedy concerns.
  • Acted as main point-of-contact with Kickstarter backers; writing blog posts, creating forms, and working one-on-one to coach 20+ backers in writing in-game lore and designing power-ups.
  • Identified lack of structure with VO talent – Took ownership in organizing VO sessions; providing additional context and direction to voice actors and reducing VO turnaround from 1 week to 1-2 days.

Moonlighter – Production Consultant

Studio – Digital Sun Games
Publisher – 11 Bit Studios
Official Website –
Release Date – May 29, 2018 – Switch Q4 2018
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

  • Recruited to project in final stages of production to rewrite and overhaul narrative with minimum time and overhead.
  • Collaborated with game director to expand upon his conceptual vision, creating tangible action items in support of the refocused narrative.
  • Established consistent writing conventions and guidelines for future DLC content, cooperating with publisher to align all marketing and packaging text with style and tone of game.
  • Identified opportunity to drastically improve functionality of Excel-based text integration pipeline, sought out training to add automated character and word counts, naming conventions and various quality of life enhancements to limit human error and reduce implementation time and friction with translation teams.
  • Represented game, studio, and publisher at various community and industry events, directing private and public demo sessions, answering press and consumer questions.
  • Successfully delivered promised enhancements to narrative on schedule. Moonlighter going on to be number 1 in Global Sales on Steam for over 24 hours on launch and remaining in the top 10 for 2 weeks.

Skykeepers – Level Designer+

Studio – Sword Twin Studios
Official Website –
Release Date – March 27. 2017
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4

  • Recruited two-thirds into production to assume responsibility of and reinvigorate level design.
  • Analyzed existing tech, mechanics, and manpower, making the decision to pivot levels from random generation to handcrafted experiences.
  • Created adjusted production schedules and milestones to champion a four month delay to improve overall quality of game and meet requirements set by investors.
  • Identifying a lack of communication between departments, created and implemented an asset checkout and task checklist system to remove guesswork and assist in cross-discipline endeavors.
  • Oversaw creation of successful Steam Greenlight campaign, organizing text, images, trailers, and leveraging social media.
  • Organized marketing material for use in digital and social media, establishing a public voice for a fledgling studio.

 Tale of Ronin – Production Consultant

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Official Website –
Release Date – TBA
Platforms – PC, Console, TBA

  • Collaborated with studio head to develop initial concept, turning abstract ideas into cohesive chains of thought easily digestible and communicable.
  • Managed a small splinter team of studio as lead designer charged with delivering a proof of concept prototype with minimum resources.
  • Evaluated prototype priorities, setting goals and milestones, delegating responsibility and directing team towards a unified vision.
  • Constantly evaluated status of prototype, creating weekly reports and design documentation to keep studio head and team up-to-date on progress and direction.
  • Performed market research on similar titles, including Kickstarter successes, to ensure a target audience existed and would be met. Research conducted then went on to influence design choices.
  • High potential was noted in finished prototype, being met with positivity and excitement, leading to its approval of full production.

Shadow Blade: Reload – Production Consultant

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Official Website –
Release Date – May 9. 2016
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android

  • Reviewed and edited motion comic text, re-targeting a western audience.
  • Wrote and edited text and narration for multiple promotional trailers.